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I haven't posted in a while, contrary to my previous one.

So, here goes:

I auditioned for Pippin today. Let's just say I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

Finding friends old and new has proved to be an interesting experience.

I need to get Lindsey a gift for her birthday. Any thoughts?

Bands of note: HorrorPops, Rocket From The Crypt, and INNNNNNNNNNNNCUBUS.

Writer's Block: Your Topic

Is there a topic you can't stop writing about in your journal? Why do you write about it so much?


Because I love superheroes.


Well, It's back to school time. As usual, I was unimpressed, bored, and all around uninterested. The halls are crowded, everyone is selfish and rude, and the campus still smells eerily of cow dung.

In a word: nothing's changed.

Also, something I observed;

Irony: 'Ice breakers' making social situations even more awkward


Writer's Block: Invisibility On

What would you do if you were invisible for 24 hours?

I'd probably want to steal stuff and bother people that I hate.

I know, uncreative.

I'd also want to go to the mall and yell out things I've wanted to say for years. Maybe sing to people. I love singing but hate seeing people watching me. Also, I'd go into music stores and play the instruments, slam doors, all that jazz.
Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?

Honestly? No. He did a spectacular job though.

7th Aug, 2008

Hey, sorry it's been kinda dead here.

Recently got an online class done, also did some soul searching. (By which I mean lounged around almost all day and did nothing)

I'm trying to get back in the rhythm of regularly posting.


Writer's Block: Choose a Power

If you could have the power to fly, be invisible, or teleport anywhere, which would you choose?

Flight. I love to be up in the air and I also love to be alone with my thoughts.

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

Who is your favorite fictional character? Why do you love them? What fictional character bugs you?

Favorite? Beast, from the X-Men. I want to be him so badly. Either him or Cannonball.

Least favorite? SUPERMAN. I HAET him. He's very one dimensional.
A heavily populated peninsular city, also mountainous.(Think NYC-ish) Has an Air Force Base, Army Fort and Navy Port all in the same city.

Mac Dougal AFB. (Barely within City Limits)
Port Biscayne
Ft. Patton
Biscayne GuardTower No. 82588 (Set up in most major cities with permission of local government by the Justice Squadron)

Pruitt Farms (like Mac Dougal,way out there. Big Commercial farms)
Chummy's Fishery (Opposite side of peninsula than the Port. Fish Farm)
The Green Scallion (Small organic grocery store always trying to make ends meet thanks to Pruitt Markets. Workplace of Maggie)
Black Bellamy's Inn (Named after the owner, Sam Bellamy, not the Pirate. Workplace of Heavy P)

Avenue Gas Station (Old defunct gas station that attracts all the kids.)
Sinister Cues Pool Hall (Hangout of supervillains out of costume. Kamikaze and Hue often stop by for information. )
Chummy's Dockside Eatery (Different than Chummy's Fishery. Owned by Chummy's brother.)
Royal Peasant Yacht Club (Mostly made up of regular folk with little sail and powerboats, not YACHT yachts. Unofficial home base of the B-sides, since Cactus runs it.)